Just connect any mobile phone to your PC using a compatible data cable, Bluetooth or infrared adapter, compose your own Picture Message and send to any mobile*. Buy SMS software, Import Mobile Numbers from Excel and send Picture SMS in bulk.


1) Type a text using any font or language and send

2) Send any existing image as picture message

3) Select a portion of image

4) Append text to an image, in any language.

5) Mult-Lingual - meaning install your language font, type and send message.

6) Import .jpg, .bmp, .gif files

7) Easy to operate user interface - Without much practice you can operate the software intuitively in only a few clicks.

Create a picture in your favourite graphics software, open it in bkSMS Picture Message Sender and send it as a picture message.

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bkSMS Picture Message Creator and Sender




Type a message in any language, and/or Create your own Picture Message and Send to a mobile


bkSMS Picture Message Sender software enables you to type a text message in any language and converts it into a Picture Message and sends it to any mobile number. It also lets you to use any existing images (.jpg, .bmp, .gif) and sends as a picture message (picture SMS) to any mobile number.






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bkSMS - another Quality Software Product from PPP


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bkSMS - Send SMS from your PC to any mobile. Receive SMS to your PC from any mobile. The power to get instant information direct to individually targeted customers, suppliers and employees via their mobile devices direct from your PC. Import data from Excel (.xls), MS-Access (.mdb) or even SQL server and send personalised SMS.
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